The American Indian Studies Program offers a creative and intellectual environment in which to pursue an undergraduate interdisciplinary minor.  In an informed and knowledgeable manner, students learn to examine the histories, experiences, and contributions of American Indian nations in the United States and Indigenous communities in the Americas.

Broadly surveying Indigeneity and settler colonialism, students develop skills in critical thinking, analytical research, and writing.  American Indian studies students also engage a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, film, history, political science, and literary studies, among others.  Individually designed minors, which are the hallmark of the program, allow students to forge approaches to the particular issues that interest them.  Moreover, our designed smaller class sizes allow opportunities to participate in discussion and work closely with award-winning faculty.

An undergraduate minor is constructed to assist students in preparing for graduate school or for careers in a range of pursuits including education, public and business administration, public relations, marketing, politics, and government. You will expand your understanding of the past, present, and future to excel in the global workforce or solve the problems of tomorrow through interdisciplinary research.