Roundtable on Racial Oppression

Roundtable: Disempowering Racial Oppression, Discontinuing Chief Illiniwek and Other Forms of Racial Entertainment

February 9, 2007

RoundtableOn February 9, 2007, a roundtable discussion was led by faculty members of racialized communities studies programs concerned in their research and teaching with power, privilege, oppression, and structural change in the academy. Racialized communities studies offer an intellectual force that positions these scholars to respond powerfully to forms of racial harassment witnessed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign during the 2006-07 academic year -- forms ranging from Chief Illiniwek's halftime performances, to racist entertainment sponsored by sororities and fraternities and campus academic organizations, to the racist threats leveled online through Facebook against American Indian students, staff, and faculty. Panelists addressed these local incidents of racial harassment, framed racial oppression more generally, and offered visions for transformative futures.

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D. Anthony Tyeeme Clark
D. Anthony Tyeeme Clark, Asst Prof of American Indian Studies

Pedro Cában
Pedro Cában, Professor of African American Studies

Lisa Marie Cacho
Lisa Marie Cacho, Assistant Professor of Latina/Latino Studies

Helen Neville
Helen Neville, Assoc Professor of Educational Psychology

Kent Ono
Kent Ono, Professor of Asian American Studies

Debbie Reese
Debbie Reese, Asst Professor of American Indian Studies

David Roediger
David Roediger, Kendrick C. Babcock Professor of History

Closing Remarks and Discussion