Encounters in Native America

AIS 277
Plains Ledger Art

Fall 2020 -- In Encounters in Native America, students will explore the complex history of cross-cultural encounters between Native peoples and other groups in North America. This interactive, seminar-style course will guide students through an exploration of texts, images, and film to examine not merely the events of each encounter, but also the ways in which those encounters have been remembered, leading to radically different understandings of our shared past. Topics will include moments in political and military history, but also animal history, education, memory studies, the rise of the commercial press, and popular entertainment. Examining primary and secondary sources, prioritizing the work of Native historical actors and scholars, we will use the lenses of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, environmental history, Indigenous historical frameworks, and settler colonialism to center Native perspectives and dismantle Euro-American nationalist narratives about historical encounters and their legacies.

12:30PM - 1:50PM
Lindsay Marshall