Indigenous Futurisms

AIS 459
The West Was Lost, 2008

Representations of American Indians have played a significant role in the formation of popular culture and science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. From the quintessential Columbusing frontier narratives of discovering new planets and new civilizations to Westworld, references to American Indians, conquest, and cultural encounters continue to function as cultural touchstones within U.S. popular media that include films and television as well as graphic novels and videogames. This course examines the intersections between literary and cultural figurations of American Indians and the ways in which American Indian and Indigenous authors have reimagined some of the core genres of popular fiction—ranging from historical romance, science fiction/fantasy, horror, and mystery—to not only transform those genres, but to imagine the possibility of decolonial futures for Indigenous peoples, lands, and stories.

12:30PM - 1:45PM
Instructor: Jodi Byrd