CFP: Special Issue "Community-engaged Indigenous Research Across the Globe"



Co-edited by AIS faculty member Shanondora Billiot, this special issue of Genealogy seeks to to reconsider how community engagement, and CBPR can be best operationalized within Indigenous communities to yield meaningful research.

Despite most Indigenous communities experiencing colonization resulting in land and food trauma, depletion of cultural resources, and health/wellbeing; Indigenous communities have still retained and, or are actively reclaiming their ancestral cultural identities and practices to reestablish balance and health.

Community-engaged research, and, or Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), have risen as frameworks that give communities voice and control. These approaches, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, partner with communities in creating meaningful, ethical research that can ameliorate the detrimental effects of historical trauma. This issue seeks to highlight community engaged/cbpr research with and for Indigenous communities from across the globe (i.e., the Americas, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Northern Europe, Africa, etc.).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 November 2019.

Some topics may include the following:

  • How do Indigenous communities and researchers operationalize engagement in culturally appropriate and ethical manners?
  • Methods in which Indigenous communities engage within their environment and on the land to conduct research?
  • Descriptions of innovative approaches to partnerships, research design, or interventions that increase cultural continuity and wellbeing;
  • Use of community engaged/cbpr research to increase cultural continuity and health;
  • Decolonizing approaches to community-engaged or community-based participatory research;

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